Liber Null Berlin 3rd Anniversary party "Trinity"へ出店のお知らせ

2016年6月11日~12日にかけてベルリンのARENA clubで開催のコンセプティブパーティLiber Nullの3周年パーティの物販エリアにBlack Triangle Designが参加致します。
総勢24組のアーティスト/DJによる32時間に渡るdark techno/ritual noiseのライブ、アートエキシビション、レコードレーベルの物販ブース等、スペシャルなイベントになります。
6thコレクション[BRUTALIST]のインスピレーション源ともなったベルリンのdark techno/industrial シーンで話題のパーティLiber Nullでの出店。出店の様子もBlack Triangle Design オフィシャルinstagramアカウント等でレポート致しますので是非チェックを。

Liber Null Trinity with Modal Analysis and Nullam Rem Natam

Ex Nihilo Goddess Trinity reveals her three hypostases to a material substratum that changes through specified structures of being.

Trinity, the Goddess of three elements. Three substances, natures and expressions all in one whole unit, form and matter. A triune existence challenging the intellect and all senses. Doctrines, principles and beliefs are embraced and coexist in her entirety.

Three years of existence and conception of Liber Null liturgies invite to showcase the pulsating athenian label Modal Analysis and host an extract of the actionistic artworks of Nullam Rem Natam. Three powers under one state of integration and celebration - Liber Null, Modal Analysis & Nullam Rem Natam - expand into three stages and form the lines of the triangular shape of Trinity.

Praise and honor Trinity.
Enter Liber Null.



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A/V SHOW Curated by Licht Pfad

Movie screening | Delirium by Cosmotropia de Xam's Delirium



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MBasix | Live I Advanced / π



'Satura Lanx' by Danilo Lvm
Kevin Bonono



Grigoris Myrgiotis
Ema Discordant
Fania Kolaiti
Constantina Dali



Total Black


- Black Bread by Lalo Gomes -

- Liber Null handmade t-shirt by UY studio -

- Accessories by Black Triangle Design