7/28 ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR Japan Tour Final『// Tokyo Black Wave //』DJ setlist

▼DJ setlist 1 (opening -†13th moon† )

Onwards To The Wall / A Place To Bury Strangers

Rouge City / Velvet Condom

Bulbform / TRUST

Disconnect Myself (kkoee Remix) / //Tense//

Talking BodyParts / †FLESH UNITED†

alice  in trance / camp z

Allegedly. Dancefloor Tragedy / She Past Away

What's There Left? (NINE CIRCLES Cover Version) / SIXTH JUNE


▼DJ setlist 2  (de!nial - 101A)

Blood In My Eyes / Atari Teenage Riot

Couloir Néant / Automelodi

Eighties / Killing Joke

Doppelgänger / Curve